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At Poseidon's Harvest, we take great pride in being able to offer you health from the sea!

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Poseidon's Harvest
P.O. Box 320730
San Francisco, California 94132

ph.   800.790.8867 (toll free)
fx.    800.790.8867 (toll free)
em.  sales@poseidonsharvest.com

About Poseidon's Harvest

Poseidon is the almighty god and ruler of the sea. He resides on the quiet ocean floor, in a gem-encrusted palace made of magnificent coral. Throughout Poseidon's mighty kingdom blooms a rich harvest of wild seaweed - fruit of the ocean that promotes a strong spirit and a healthy life.

This is Poseidon's Harvest, and it is a privilege to offer you a share of the sea god's own treasure.